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Imagining a bathroom with all the latest fittings, styles and lighting? Want to spend some lone time in your cozy little bathtub while relaxing all those muscles? It’s not too hard to reimagine your bathroom space and create a little extra space for all the elements that you dream. 

With the bathroom remodeling Orange County services from Katz Design Builder, you can make your bathroom vision a reality. Identify the style, own the personality and dream through the walls of curation to build a custom bathroom for your needs. 

Bathroom remodeling Orange County

Our team is adept with all remodeling possibilities starting from new window styles to attaching the brilliant faucets to creating the lighting that makes you stay in there longer.

How we Work?

We offer simple and efficient bathroom remodeling services. Here’s what you can do to connect with our experts and renovate your bathroom space.

  • Book your Consultation: Fill out the form or connect with the team to book a free consultation to assess your existing bathroom space
  • Planning and Design: Create an appropriate bathroom redesign plan based on the vision and dream
  • Demolition of the Bathroom: We will break down the existing bathroom, at least the spaces that need to be renovated
  • Installation: We installed the new bathroom faucets and begin rebuilding the bathroom for your needs. We also conduct the electrical fitting and plumbing work.

Services we Offer

Custom full Bathroom Remodeling: We cater complete remodeling services for your bathroom. We install the lights, take care of the plumbing and even manage the lighting and counter setup for a fully functional and accessible bathroom setup. We begin with a 3D rendering before actually setting up the space
Single Bathroom Remodeling: We conduct complete remodeling as well as only-installation services for a single bathroom. We ensure every component is designed to delight the person occupying the space.

Why choose Us?
  • Inspirational Designs: We look into stylish and impressive bathroom designs to recreate something substantially experiential for your needs. We look through the latest catalogues to determine the functional bathroom you need
  • Experience: We have been providing bathroom remodeling services for eons. With our team by your side, you can realize a true value and highly aesthetic bathroom solution with quality fittings and services
  • Budget Services: We don’t just offer custom solutions; we offer budgeted custom solutions. After considering your budget limit, we design the bathroom remodeling solution that will fit your estimates
  • High Quality Solutions: Our team is geared up about quality and design. We ensure every aspect of your bathroom remodeling solution caters to the new design requirements and the quality promises
  • Style guides: Our team works with the latest style guides to create the modern or vintage appeal for your bathroom

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