Home renovations contractors Orange County

Giving your home a delightful and budget makeover

Going one notch high with quality

As leading home renovation contractors Orange County, we offer explicit designs, and high-quality remodelling solutions. From simple uplifts to complete makeovers, our company specializes in a variety of home solutions.

We cater to kitchen, and bathroom remodelling. From repairing the tiny irregularities and issues to a complete overhaul, we are by your side for all the issues that need attention.

Key and observant team, attention to the minutest detail and diligent planning helps us set the foot along the right path and give you the best outcomes.

Home renovations contractors Orange County

We go by the requirements, are committed to the needs of the user and offer great craftsmanship that results in improved experiences. We don’t just make the space functional. we make it experiential.

Why Hire Home Renovations Contractor Orange County?

While DIY sounds like a good model for planning a remodelling project, you might want to outsource parts to a home renovation contractor.

1. There are several permits involved in renovations project. The contractor will handle all the license, and permits required. At the same time, they will ensure your paperwork is smooth and complete

2. They are aware of the la.test trends and design requirements. They will offer the advanced design solutions that can improve the overall look and feel of the home

3. They are insured and will be paid in full for any accidental damage caused to the house.

4. When you hire a contractor, they will take care of all the renovations. It will save you a lot of time, and money. In doing it yourself, you might end up paying more. However, the contractors can take care of these things easily

5. They can get the work done faster than when you do it yourself.

What Makes Us Different?

So what makes Katz Design Builders different from others offering the home renovation solutions?

1. Transparency: We offer complete transparency while handling your prject. From day one to day end, we keep you in the loop and ensure you are aware of how it is progressing

2. Quality: We don’t compromise one bit on the quality. From the materials to the design experts, you will feel the quality in the entire team gearing to rebuild your house

3. Efficiency: This is what gets spelled into speed and quality. Our team will get you what you want from scratch within the timelines and budgets defined.

4. Functional Solutions: From the design to the execution, we believe in offering exceptionally functional and usable solutions

5. Experience: We have years of experience backing us that allows us to know how long it will take and what design will suit your needs. This has also allowed a lot of knowledge and the ability to stay abreast with latest trends be part of our daily schedule.

Services we Offer

  • Kitchen Remodelling
  • Bathroom Remodelling
  • Blueprints and Design
  • Room Additions
  • Living Room Remodelling
  • Bedroom Remodelling

If you want to avail one of these services for your home, get a free quote after filling out the form.


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