Kitchen remodeling Marina Del Rey

Want the kitchen of your dreams? Make it Happen with Kitchen Remodeling Marina Del Rey Services

Kitchen Remodeling can be chaotic and messy. But, what you get at the end is incomparable happiness and satisfaction.

At Katz Design Builders, we aim to bring the greatest experience and satisfaction to our Marina Del Rey customers with kitchen redesign solutions. We cater to small additions as well as holistically planned fully-functional remodel services. With over 10 years of experience, we have become one of the best kitchen remodeling services in the area.

From offering consultancy to helping with layout designs and complete transformation, our team ensures every outcome is functional and aesthetic.

Kitchen remodeling Marina Del Rey

Customize to Breathe Life into your Kitchen

Customizations are key to enhancing the overall look and feel of your kitchen space.

  • It is built to make your kitchen look spacious and remove the clutter. The customized kitchens ensure that they can use up your space to build the best model and functional layout
  • You can easily create storage spaces that meet your unique needs. for instance, every kitchen is used for different purposes; with the right design, you can make it useful for your needs
  • You can choose the hardware for your kitchen designs. You can choose the handles, hinges and other accessories that best fit your style.

Customizations can make your kitchen comfortable, in sync with needs and completely tuned to your style requirements.

Packages We Offer for Kitchen Remodeling

As one of the leading kitchen remodeling Marina Del Rey services, we offer the following packages that can enhance the kitchen outfit.

Quick Additions
If you want to make small additions to your existing kitchen, you can choose our quick additions package. We will help you paint the cabinets, add a countertop or introduce a hob to your kitchen space within a day or two.

Only Cabinet Remodeling
If you don’t want to go with an entire remodeling service, we offer partial remodeling too. You can redefine your kitchen cabinet spaces and enhance the look of your kitchen space. We also cater to minimalist requirements

End-to-end Remodeling
We offer consultations to planning to execution of your remodeling solutions. We offer a complete package and customize it to suit your unique and exquisite needs.
Kitchen Upgrade Services

Check out all the services we offer as part of kitchen remodeling

1. Kitchen Design: We offer exquisite designs and complete style changes to meet your
unique personality. Our designers will help create the visuals for your dream kitchen
aligned to your goals and requirements

2. Kitchen Remodeling Consultation: As a leading kitchen remodeling Marina Del Rey
services company, we offer consultations on the design and overall look of your kitchen
spaces. We help you plan, recreate and even decide the cabinet structures for your

3. Installations: We cater to all your installation requirements ranging from the sink to
the cabinets and flooring.

Why Choose Us?

Clear and Defined Process: We don’t begin executing till we have a defined plan to get started with the redesign.

Kitchen Audits: Our team offer complete audits of your kitchen to be aware of the problems before we begin rebuilding it

Experienced Team: We have an excellent team of top consultants, renowned architects
designers and contractors to help with remodeling.

If you are looking for kitchen remodeling Marina Del Rey services, connect with our tea


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