Top Trends to Incorporate to Kitchen Remodeling Playa Del Rey

It is important to incorporate the latest kitchen remodeling Playa Del Rey trends to translate your vision into a proper kitchen. Whether you want a modern kitchen or a space that is in sync with your vintage style, there are trends that can keep up with your needs.

1. Matte black is the new trend on the block. Whether you are planning faucets or the cabinets, you must use matte black to make the space look trendy. Apart from the new-age look and feel, it also makes the space look elegant. You can also add some contrast colours to make the entire space look good.

2. When you are planning kitchen cabinets, you must think two tones. The mixing of colours might seem unruly but it adds magic inside the kitchen. You can have different colours for the upper and lower cabinets. Moreover, you can create a visual appeal with the different coloured cabinets, according to the ADU contractor Playa Del Rey.

3. One of the latest trends that is doing rounds in kitchen remodeling is the open shelf culture. There are a lot of plans where open shelving is the way to go. This method increases the accessibility and also improve the overall display of the things in the kitchen. It gives a very open and interesting feel to the kitchen. With this shelving method, the homeowners can display their kitchen goodies and make the décor appear good.

4. One of the new-age style trends also includes the versatile and timeless shaker style cabinet. You will notice that they can uplift the traditional and modern spaces. They are an incredible asset to your home spaces.

5. Several contractors vouch by the trend of sustainability. This simply means more homeowners and contractors are moving towards owning the sustainable materials and spaces. For instance, they are replacing the current wood and other material with bamboo, recycled glass and renewable versions. This is their way of marching along the eco friendly lines. These trends are majorly noted on the countertops and backsplashes of the kitchen.

6. Many contractors who plan the kitchen remodeling Playa Del Rey are investing in the smart kitchens. They have started adopting the technology that can improve the usability and accessibility of the kitchen spaces. They have started adding touchless faucets and home automation systems into these spaces. As a result, this has improved the convenience of the users.

7. You would have noticed a new range of quartz countertops in the kitchen remodeling. The reason for this can be attributed to the increased durability and low maintenance associated with these countertops. Moreover, they are available in several ranges, which makes them a popular choice.

8. Contractors have started working on large kitchen islands. This helps in planning the meal and preparing it with great amount of space. Moreover, it is also ideal for storage. Contractors believe large islands also offer great amount of kitchen space and make the area look bigger.

9. The shades and tones used in kitchen spaces has also changed over a period. You will notice more contractors adopting the light and neutral hues for the kitchen countertops and cabinets. This creates a calming effect.

10. You can also connect with the ADU contractor Playa Del Rey to mix the materials and create magic in the kitchen spaces.

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